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Worst Performing Stocks

In the US Stock Markets (AMEX, NASDAQ & NYSE).

This is a list of 100 worst performing stocks by % amount reached today on the US Stock Markets (AMEX, NASDAQ & NYSE). If you want to view the best stocks by percentage click here: Best Stocks List.

Stock NamePriceVolume% Change$ Change
Morgans Hotel Group Co. (MHGC)$2.150-100.00%$-2.15
iShares MSCI Emerging Mar (EEML)$33.310-100.00%$-33.31
Iao Kun Group Holding Com (IKGH)$0.240-100.00%$-0.24
Carolina Bank Holdings In (CLBH)$27.990-100.00%$-27.99
ALBIREO PHARMA INC (BIOD)$0.650-100.00%$-0.65
ContraFect Corporation (CFRXW)$0.020-100.00%$-0.02
eFuture Holding Inc. - Or (EFUT)$6.380-100.00%$-6.38
Federal-Mogul Holdings Co (FDML)$9.980-100.00%$-9.98
Lionbridge Technologies, (LIOX)$5.750-100.00%$-5.75
EarthLink Holdings Corp. (ELNK)$5.630-100.00%$-5.63
Calamos Asset Management, (CLMS)$8.280-100.00%$-8.28
Middleburg Financial Corp (MBRG)$38.710-100.00%$-38.71
Mentor Graphics Corporati (MENT)$37.260-100.00%$-37.26
Actions Semiconductor Co. (ACTS)$2.140-100.00%$-2.14
P10 INDUSTRIES INC (ACPW)$0.210-100.00%$-0.21
AEP Industries Inc. (AEPI)$109.950-100.00%$-109.95
Venaxis, Inc. (APPY)$3.940-100.00%$-3.94
YIELD10 BIOSCIENCE INC (MBLX)$0.370-100.00%$-0.37
Intersil Corporation (ISIL)$22.490-100.00%$-22.49
Cardinal Financial Corpor (CFNL)$29.110-100.00%$-29.11
** SEE (FLML)$10.390-100.00%$-10.39
MFRI, Inc. (MFRI)$7.760-100.00%$-7.76
DragonWave Inc (DRWI)$0.253597000-100.00%$-0.25
Liberty Media Corporation (LMCA)$30.100-100.00%$-30.10
Mountain Province Diamond (MDM)$5.100-100.00%$-5.10
Gordmans Stores, Inc. (GMAN)$0.070-100.00%$-0.07
TELLURIAN INC (MPET)$14.210-100.00%$-14.21
Galectin Therapeutics Inc (GALTW)$0.050-100.00%$-0.05
Ignite Restaurant Group, (IRG)$0.370-100.00%$-0.37
Aixtron SE - American Dep (AIXG)$3.060-100.00%$-3.06
Carmike Cinemas, Inc. (CKEC)$33.400-100.00%$-33.40
Isle of Capri Casinos, In (ISLE)$23.060-100.00%$-23.06
Gladstone Investment Corp (GAINP)$25.060-100.00%$-25.06
Derma Sciences, Inc. (DSCI)$7.000-100.00%$-7.00
Dipexium Pharmaceuticals, (DPRX)$1.300-100.00%$-1.30
Linear Technology Corpora (LLTC)$65.000-100.00%$-65.00
Interactive Intelligence (ININ)$60.500-100.00%$-60.50
Cynosure, Inc. (CYNO)$65.970-100.00%$-65.97
Arctic Cat Inc. (ACAT)$18.500-100.00%$-18.50
Maiden Holdings, Ltd. - 7 (MHLDO)$49.400-100.00%$-49.40
Datalink Corporation (DTLK)$11.240-100.00%$-11.24
American Capital, Ltd. (ACAS)$17.990-100.00%$-17.99
G&K Services, Inc. (GK)$97.510-100.00%$-97.51
Lpath, Inc. (LPTN)$2.930-100.00%$-2.93
Heritage Oaks Bancorp (HEOP)$13.390-100.00%$-13.39
Macrocure Ltd. - Ordinary (MCUR)$1.510-100.00%$-1.51
Healthways, Inc. (HWAY)$23.700-100.00%$-23.70
Aeropostale Inc (ARO)$0.156199654-27.70%$-0.06
GLOBEIMMUNE INC COM USD0. (GBIM)$0.5537570-26.05%$-0.20
DS HEALTHCARE GROU COM US (DSKX)$0.03100-25.00%$-0.01
Immune Pharmaceuticals In (IMNP)$1.021050924-15.01%$-0.18
Crossroads Systems, Inc. (CRDS)$1.9075412-12.80%$-0.28
EXCO Resources, Inc. Exco (XCO)$1.61765503-12.02%$-0.22
DryShips Inc. (DRYS)$3.0411454517-11.63%$-0.40
RAIT Financial Trust New (RAS)$0.751955545-10.81%$-0.09
Versar, Inc. (VSR)$0.79138691-10.33%$-0.09
Mines Management, Inc. (MGN)$1.13199052-10.32%$-0.13
ERBA Diagnostics, Inc. (ERB)$0.505154-9.58%$-0.05
Frontline Ltd. Ordinary S (FRO)$5.101534042-9.57%$-0.54
Diana Containerships Inc. (DCIX)$0.62848726-8.97%$-0.06
INVENTERGY GLOBAL COM USD (INVT)$0.05114695-8.91%$0.00
BANRO CORPORATION Ordinar (BAA)$0.45609890-8.84%$-0.04
ARCA biopharma, Inc. (ABIO)$1.0596707-8.70%$-0.10
B Communications Ltd. - O (BCOM)$13.862986-8.60%$-1.30
Koss Corporation (KOSS)$1.407738-8.50%$-0.13
H&R Block, Inc. (HRB)$26.818428175-8.28%$-2.42
PharmAthene, Inc (PIP)$0.65871040-7.75%$-0.05
Noodles & Company (NDLS)$3.65138193-7.59%$-0.30
Delcath Systems, Inc. (DCTH)$0.1141502090-7.42%$-0.01
Dycom Industries, Inc. (DY)$76.076531350-7.34%$-6.03
Bristow Group Inc. (BRS)$8.21959625-7.23%$-0.64
Harvest Natural Resources (HNR)$6.62542478-6.76%$-0.48
TransEnterix, Inc. (TRXC)$0.831145115-6.71%$-0.06
Ocean Rig UDW Inc. (ORIG)$0.14392696-6.68%$-0.01
Bioblast Pharma Ltd. - Or (ORPN)$0.5641273-6.67%$-0.04
The Intergroup Corporatio (INTG)$23.35359-6.60%$-1.65
Navios Maritime Holdings (NM)$1.57947859-6.55%$-0.11
Seadrill Limited Ordinary (SDRL)$0.182954965-6.36%$-0.01
ACURA PHARMACEUTIC COM US (ACUR)$0.4416260-6.32%$-0.03
Black Box Corporation (BBOX)$3.00260464-6.25%$-0.20
Alliance One Internationa (AOI)$10.8047512-6.09%$-0.70
The Medicines Company (MDCO)$36.433927777-5.96%$-2.31
CorMedix Inc (CRMD)$0.48954224-5.88%$-0.03
AeroCentury Corp. (ACY)$11.302014-5.83%$-0.70
First Acceptance Corporat (FAC)$1.1511615-5.74%$-0.07
Vista Gold Corp (VGZ)$0.83156272-5.68%$-0.05
Aoxin Tianli Group, Inc. (ABAC)$2.166445-5.68%$-0.13
ASCENT SOLAR TECHN COM US (ASTI)$0.0037448207-5.56%$0.00
Ferroglobe PLC - Ordinary (GSM)$13.111290409-5.55%$-0.77
Neuralstem, Inc. (CUR)$1.21693501-5.47%$-0.07
Golden Minerals Company (AUMN)$0.52319169-5.45%$-0.03
Ensco plc Class A Ordinar (ESV)$4.3522302481-5.43%$-0.25
Papa Murphy's Holdings, I (FRSH)$5.11489418-5.37%$-0.29
Mast Therapeutics, Inc. (MSTX)$0.1315259475-5.28%$-0.01
Safe Bulkers, Inc ($0.00 (SB)$3.07494965-5.25%$-0.17
Seabridge Gold, Inc. Ordi (SA)$11.75514268-5.24%$-0.65
Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, I (RNN)$2.35787654-5.24%$-0.13
Barnes & Noble, Inc. (BKS)$7.25949618-5.23%$-0.40
Sibanye Gold Limited Amer (SBGL)$6.353970706-5.22%$-0.35

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